The main themes of this meeting are: 1) Relevance of protein, DNA, and RNA methylation in the regulation of gene expression, splicing, and genome integrity; 2) Rapid developments in the area of RNA methylation and non-histone substrates of lysine and arginine methylation; 3) Development of new drug candidates targeting methyltransferases. 

Conference sessions will present the latest research findings and foster engaging discussion on:

  • Methylation in development and disease
  • DNA and RNA methylation
  • Quantitative approaches to biological methylation/technology
  • Methylation and therapeutics
  • Arginine methylation: players and mechanisms
  • Structural insights to protein and RNA methylation
  • Methylation and chromatin regulation
In addition to two keynote lectures from Cheryl Arrowsmith, PhD (Structural Genomics Consortium, Toronto) and Steven Clarke, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles), this conference will feature seven oral sessions, two poster sessions, four “Meet the Expert” sessions (e.g. “Women in Science,” “Mentorship,” and “Transition to Independence”), and a mini-symposium, "Small Molecule Inhibitors of Methyltransferases and Demethylases."

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