ALERT - March 20: The in-person 2020 Science Research Conferences are cancelled. Registered attendees will be contacted with information about registration refunds in the next few days. Patience is appreciated as FASEB processes these transactions.


The main themes of this meeting are: 1) Explore the formation, resolution, properties, and consequences of dynamic DNA structures; 2) Define novel mechanisms that promote the formation and resolution of dynamic structures within the genome; and 3) Examine emerging research technologies as therapies for repeat expansion diseases.
Conference sessions will present the latest research findings and promote active discussion on:

  • Expandable repeats and human disease
  • RNA-mediated genome instability
  • Mechanisms of structure-induced genome instability
  • Dynamics at stalled replication forks
  • G quadruplexes and telomeres
  • Application of gene editing technologies to repeat expansion diseases
  • Single molecule analysis of replication and repair structures
  • Chromosome rearrangements/fragility

In addition to opening keynote addresses by Virginia Zakian, PhD (Princeton University) and Tom Petes, PhD (Duke University), this conference will feature 36 invited speakers and 20 speakers selected from abstracts, presenting in over eight sessions, three poster sessions, and a career development session, "Transitioning to Independence."

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