Emphasizing the most current unpublished research, the main themes of the conference include: 1) The endogenous and exogenous factors that disrupt the functions of 1-carbon nutrients and impact metabolism, physiology, and health; 2) The roles of 1-carbon metabolism in determining the evolution and course of common degenerative diseases, such as cognitive impairment and cancer, as well as reproductive outcomes; 3) The newly discovered functions of 1-carbon nutrients, such as folate's role in cell signaling.   

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:

  • The causes and consequences of disruptions in the absorption and metabolism of vitamin B12
  • The relationships between 1-carbon nutrients, their metabolism, and cancer
  • Newly discovered aspects of one-carbon metabolism, and their basic and clinical implications
  • Interactions between genetics, one-carbon metabolism, and reproductive outcomes
  • The roles of one-carbon metabolism in the development of neurological diseases
  • Choline's functions in one-carbon metabolism and effects on health
  • Novel insights into folate's role as a signaling molecule
  • Implications of common genetic polymorphisms in one-carbon metabolism

In addition to an opening keynote lecture by Professors Jean-Louis Guéant, MD, DSc (University of Lorraine, France) and Joel Mason, MD (Tufts University), this conference will feature oral sessions accompanied by short-talks selected from submitted abstracts, two poster sessions, one “hot topic” workshop, and two “Meet the Experts” career development sessions for emerging investigators.

A draft of the conference schedule may be found here.  Check back often for updates.

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