The main themes of the meeting are: 1) 5'- and 3'-end regulatory events in mRNA degradation and links between this regulation and gene expression; 2) RNA quality control mechanisms; 3) regulation of RNA turnover in development and disease.

Conference sessions will present the latest research findings and foster engaging discussion on:

  • 5'- and 3'-events in mRNA decay
  • Translation coupled mRNA decay
  • Quality control mechanisms
  • Roles for small RNAs
  • Regulation of RNA decay
  • Ribonuclease function and detection through novel methodologies
  • RNA decay in development and disease
  • RNA modifications and epitranscriptomics

In addition to keynote lectures from Elena Conti, PhD (Max Planck Institute) and Murray Deutscher, PhD (University of Miami), the conference will feature nine oral sessions, two poster sessions, a discussion session on big questions in the field, and a career development session.

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