The main themes on the meeting are: 1) Assembly of protein glycans and bacterial protein glycosylation; 2) molecular/chemical glycoengineering; 3) microbiota, mucins, and glycan degrading enzymes; 4) glycans of eukaryotic pathogens; 5) cell biology of glycans in bacteria-host pathogen interactions.

Conference sessions will present the latest research on:

  • Assembly of microbial cell surface glycans
  • Bacterial protein glycosylation
  • Glycoengineering
  • Structure and function of microbial glycans
  • Gut microbiota and mucin glycosylation
  • Glycans of eukaryotic pathogens
  • Cell biology of glycans and host-microbe interactions
  • Glycan degrading enzymes

Following a keynote lecture by M. Stephen Trent, PhD (University of Georgia), this conference will feature four oral sessions, two poster sessions, and a career development session "Meet the Expert," to offer trainees the opportunity to ask questions to a select number of speakers on leveraging their skills to build a research career in academia, industry, or the public sector.

A draft of the conference schedule may be found here Check back often for updates.

Please note that all conference times are based on British Summer Time (BST).

If you would like to view the listing of presentations that will be held at the conference, click here.

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