The main themes of the conference are: (1) Structural studies of viruses, viral proteins, and host factors involved in the viral life cycle; (2) Mechanistic studies of viral entry, replication, assembly, and genome packaging; and (3) Biomedical and nanotechnological applications of viruses and viral therapeutics.

Conference sessions include:

  • Viral genomics, evolution, and ecology
  • Viral entry and exit
  • Virus-host interactions
  • Viruses and nucleic acids: replication
  • Viruses and nucleic acids: packaging
  • The process of virion construction
  • Structures of viruses (The Michael G. Rossmann Memorial Symposium)
  • Viruses as tools

The conference will open with keynote addresses from Hong Zhou, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles) and Karla Kirkegaard, PhD (Stanford University), followed by eight platform sessions featuring 36 invited speakers and speakers selected from submitted abstracts; two "flash sessions" with 5-minute talks by poster presenters; two poster sessions; a career development session; and a "Power Hour" focused on women and underrepresented minorities in science. In addition, there will be "Meet the Speaker" lunch sessions each day, focused on a variety of topics.

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