The broad scientific themes this meeting will explore are: (1) Yeast chromosome structure, replication, maintenance, and repair; (2) Chromosome segregation and recombination; (3) Cell cycle control. Additionally, a foundational goal for this meeting is to provide networking and speaking opportunities for the next generation of scientists of all backgrounds.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster lively discussion on:

  • Chromatin and nuclear organization
  • Cell cycle regulation
  • Genome stability and repair
  • DNA replication
  • Telomeres and end maintenance
  • Kinetochores and spindle
  • Mitosis
  • Meiosis and recombination

In additional to an opening keynote lecture from Virginia Zakian, PhD (Princeton University), this conference will feature eight oral sessions, three poster sessions, a career development session, and "Meet the Expert" lunch-time sessions.

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